• Nickname: PrimeTime

  • Home Town : Baltimore, MD

  • When did you start playing pool:  picked up the cue in late 2007 and starting competing in the Spring 2008 APA league

  • What is your greatest strength? Determination

  • What was your first favorite memory of the sport?

    • Competing in my first professional tournament at the 2013 Ultimate 10-Ball Championships

  • WPBA Ranking - #32 (September 2018); current #42 (2018 season)

  • NAPT Divison I - Women's Professional - #12 (2017 season)

  • J. Pechauer Northeast Women's tour - #3 (2018 season)

  • How did you get started playing the sport?

    • Exploring a new section of a local mall and found a pool hall. It brought back memories of that 9-foot Brunswick in my aunt and uncle's basement.  I don't remember hitting balls back then but was reminded by a cousin that we used to do so whenever we had large family gatherings there.  I decided to pick it back up that day and have been playing ever since.

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