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12-5-19 8-ball Pattern - Stripes or Solids?

I’m off of my Zero-X Billiards weekly Patreon 8-ball pattern drill/contest hiatus due to back to back tournaments! See my previous blog posts for recaps of those events - http://www.kiasidbury.com/post/3-tournaments-1-month and http://www.kiasidbury.com/post/mcdermott-cue-ambassador-interview.

For this week’s pattern I decided to go for solids. When I initially thought about my runout pattern, I thought that after pocketing the 4 then 3 with follow, that I would pocket the 1-ball. I gave it a try. After getting out of line a little for the 3-ball, I realized that I should change my pattern slightly. I then focused on pocketing the 6-ball after the 3. Here's my run:

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